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Light Box Suppliers | Priority Graphics

Light Boxes

Priority Graphics provide a stunning range of free standing light boxes

Light box displays shine out at any exhibition there is no surer way of creating an impact for a back lit image.

Light boxes have developed over the years from a very simple sales tool to one of a high quality and impressive product. Using light boxes will most definitely maximise your business potential and are one of the best ways to attract the customer’s eye.

Here at Priority Graphics we will ensure you are provided with the best to suit your requirements. With so many types of Light boxes to choose from it can be a difficult decision, but we will ensure that the process is simple and easy with help from our hands on team. We offer a wide range of Display boxes that will give you a high impact for putting your marketing message across at your exhibition.

Tension Fabric Light Boxes

Tension Fabric Light boxes have been designed for the ultimate display the illuminated light box will give off a high impact. The light box comes in various sizes with a continuous piece of fabric for a stunning seamless effect.

Wall Mounted light Boxes

Mounted light boxes are a great and simple effective way to draw attention to illuminated graphics. The posters and graphics are quick and easy to change so therefore can be re-used again for different exhibitions.

Duratrans light boxes

Duratrans light boxes will get you the impact you want for your display at your exhibition.

LED Lighting

We have a comprehensive range of LED lighting designed to complement panels pop-up and banner systems. Our lights are available in a range of styles.

Want to discuss your Light Box requirement call us on 02476 843184 or email us on

info@priority-graphics.co.uk we are more than happy to help you.


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